One of the keys to winning Poker is having enough chips. You need to be able to weather a streak of bad cards and be there when the cards finally turn in your favour. So what would we suggest for a minimum buy in? If you are playing a $2 – $4 game, start with at least $400 to $800 (roughly 100 times the big bet). The degree of variation accounts for your style of play.

A super aggressive player should bring more to the table than a tighter player.
Bigger stacks tend to get bigger respect as well. Especially from new players.

So keeping a decent amount of chips in front of you not only improves your chances of winning, it provides anintimidation factor. However, you should always have enough chips available in your bank to jump into a different game. If you keep your whole bankroll in front of you, you can’t buy-in to
second game without cashing out of the first.